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Let Things Fall Apart So Better Things Can Fall into Place


Marilyn Monroe couldn’t have said it any better —

Sometimes, things fall apart so that better things can fall together.

When we are in a tough situation, it’s very difficult to see things in a different perspective. All we can see at that time is our pain and suffering. And all we can think about is why nothing ever goes right in our lives, and how life can be so unfair.

Why is it so much easier to fill our minds with negative thoughts than believe that something good will come out of a difficult situation? Why is it so hard to stay positive in the midst of a crisis? And why can’t we make it a habit to see the good in every situation especially the challenging ones?

Because staying positive, means hoping. Hoping often leads to expectations, and once we expect things to happen, disappointments follow.

That’s how things progress because that’s how our minds are programmed as we grow old.

Oftentimes, we create scenarios in our heads and expect the outcome that we want. But since we cannot predict the future and because we want what we want, we still set certain expectations. Then eventually, Universe will have different plans and provide a different outcome, leading to disappointments.

And that’s how we make life complicated. Because of these unfulfilled expectations and disappointments, subconsciously, we transform into skeptics and cynics. We let go of the ideal that everything is possible because we thought we knew better.

Hard truth is, life is a balance of successes and failures, disappointments and fulfillment, acceptance and rejections.

Universe will always balance things out so we can learn and grow into another version of ourselves, hopefully a better version. But somewhere along the way, most people choose to let negative thoughts consume them and they refuse to acknowledge that everything is just a matter of perspective.

When you hit an all-time low, rather than seeing it as Universe punishing you, why not see it as something that is trying to teach you about yourself and about life?

When you don’t get the things that you desperately asked for, instead of thinking that life is unfair, why not think that perhaps, those things were not meant for you and that better things are coming for you?

Life ain’t easy, it will never be. But if we all start to train our minds to be constructive and see the good in every situation, then life becomes bearable.

Because once you do, you can finally let go of things that are out of your control. You can finally accept that shit will always happen, so rather than stress about it, you will let it pass and learn from it. And you will finally realize that sometimes, things have to fall apart so better things can fall into place.

My Story

A few months back, I hit rock bottom. I had no job, I was lost, jaded and completely broke. Did I blame Universe? In the beginning, yes. I asked a million times why this had to happen to me.

But once clarity hit me, I accepted that it was my life choices that dragged me to rock bottom. I tried to find an escape route but didn’t find any, so instead of running away, I let it all in but I didn’t let it consume me. I realized that Universe was merely trying to teach me something about myself and about life, and so, I let it.

It was a change in my perspective that helped me pull my shit together and took control of my life. Had I stayed longer in self-pity and depression mode, I wouldn’t be here now, writing this article.

Now, I am grateful that I went through that phase. It was indeed a process that I needed to go through. Things did fall apart, and I am glad that it did because now, better things are falling into place. Things that I may not have wanted before, but things that I definitely need in my life.

And when Universe decides to take me on a detour, I just let it take its course because somewhere along the way, I will find an answer. And I always do.

This transformation allowed me to start my life from scratch and create the life that I want. It presented opportunities that I would have missed if I didn’t have an open mind. And most importantly, I became more aware with my life choices.

With the right mindset, you will see every life challenge as a blessing in disguise. And when you approached life with a different perspective, you will either win or learn but you will never lose.

As I end this post, I would like to share with you this inspiring video:

Lisa Kudrow: I Got Fired From Frasier

Sending you love from my side of the world. Thank you for stopping by!