Who am I?



I am Sonhadora.

[The Portuguese term for “dreamer”.]

Sonhadora is the name I got from Capoeira. In reality, I am Maria Cecilia Ramos, 34 years old, born and raised in the Philippines.

What do I know about life? A little and a lot. I’ve certainly had my fair share of dreams coming true, frustrations and hitting rock bottom, broken hearts and a lot of unexpected detours. I always believed that nothing is ever random and every experience and encounter I have had are part of this so-called bigger picture.

At 32, I decided to quit my job, sell everything I have and travel halfway across the world. It lasted for 14 months and I found my way back home. I fell in love but it was good until it lasted and found myself hitting rock bottom — clueless, jaded, no job, no money, nothing. It took me awhile to bounce back until I realized that only I can help myself.

So, I pulled my shit together, got a job, relaunched this blog and hopefully, within a year, I get to travel again…smarter this time. I strive to be financially independent and create a sustainable travel lifestyle.

Truth be told, I am not an expert in life or anything in general. What I do know is we only have one chance in making our lives the best that it can be. And just like everyone else, I learn best through experience.

To create the life that you want and live the life that you love are the greatest adventures you will ever have. So I do hope that each and everyone of you who’s reading this blog will realize that life has so much to offer but only if you have the courage to make it worth living.

Lastly, I would like to say that this blog won’t be anything you have read before but since we all have different perspectives, let’s just agree to disagree.

Sharing with you one of my favorite quotes:


I am Sonhadora, We are Sonhadores. Follow my blog and join me in this once in a lifetime adventure and I will make it worth your while.