This blog aims to inspire each and everyone of you to create the life that you want in your own terms, to strive for financial independence, and to develop a sustainable travel lifestyle.

I am no tech guru or finance expert, but I am a dreamer and a doer. I make things happen and I turn dreams into reality. I fail, I succeed, and at the end of the day, I’m at peace knowing I love the life that I’m living.

I hope you find what you are looking for. Nevertheless, thank you for stopping by!

For reference, below are the main themes for each category.

Personal Growth

Nothing is ever random. I may not see it now but somewhere along the way, when I look back, I will realize and finally understand why things had to happen. It’s all part of the process and embracing uncertainty and the beauty of becoming.

  • Life choices, life experiences and life purpose.
  • Those A-HA moments that made me realize about certain things and events. Thoughts, ideas and conversations that got me excited about life.
  • The interesting people I’ve encountered, who contributed, unknowingly, to my growth and development.
  • Thoughts and ideas that strike at 2am, or in a 10-hour bus ride, or when I’m simply having coffee and getting lost in my own thoughts.

Digital Entrepreneur

A writer, a social media specialist, a freelancer and an entrepreneur. Here, I will generously share everything I know about making money online, earning extra income, and becoming financially independent. I don’t consider myself an expert at these topics but I am passionate about continuous learning and creating based on experiences and advice from successful bloggers and travel entrepreneurs.

  • Financial tips and hacks to achieve financial freedom.
  • How to start your own blog and be successful at it. The pros and cons of starting a blog and most importantly, how you can earn from it.
  • Making money online and creating multiple streams of income.
  • The possibility of starting your own business whilst traveling the world. Business opportunities are everywhere, you just need to be creative!

A Life of Travel

Dreamer first, traveler second. I want to document all the experiences I’ve had and will be having because it’s my way of looking back at the amazing life that I created. The kind of life I choose to live, the life that I love.

  • Experiences encountered while living a life of travel.
  • Interesting cultures, superb local delicacy, heartwarming locals, and wonderful travelers from different continents, countries and cities.
  • Talks about travel tips in terms of crossing borders, visas, health and travel safety.
  • Traveling with a purpose has always been my goal. I don’t want to travel just to tick items off my bucket list. I want to create valuable experiences, and volunteering helps me achieve that.


On this category, I write helpful tips on how to create an effective marketing plan and how to be successful in implementing marketing strategies. My main focus is Pinterest Marketing and how it provides significant results in driving traffic to an online business.

Everything I write about is based on my experiences. It ain’t easy for me to share my life story but I do it because I want to inspire people to start creating the life that they want so they can start living the life that they love.



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