Make Me Understand

I don’t understand.

I was traveling solo, happy and content,

Meeting new people and experiencing a lot of things.

I wasn’t looking for love or a relationship because of the complication it brings.

Then out of nowhere, there you were.

I should have ran the other way had I known the outcome.

But I didn’t, instead, I went all in.

It scared the shit out of me, risking my heart all over again.

It lasted briefly but I went on with my life, telling myself that at least you gave it a shot.

But because the heart can be very stubborn at times,

Universe gave us another chance and I should have known better yet again.

And so, we were back in each other’s arms.

The time we spent was pure bliss. The connection we had was strong and real, felt like you were my perfect match.

But reality came to haunt us and got the best of us with fights and arguments that were just tearing us apart.

I thought we were strong enough for this but I was wrong.

Until one day, you said the words “it’s over“. And nothing can change your mind.

Now here I am, wondering. Why did I have to meet you? Why did I have to fall in love?

I was doing fine on my own, I was happy and independent. It could have ended the first time and I was willing to move on but Universe had different plans.

Now make me understand. I wasn’t looking but you took my heart unexpectedly and unknowingly.

Give it back and I’ll exchange it for all our memories.

2 thoughts on “Make Me Understand


    ohh sorry to hear ces dont worry you will find better one. if he really loves you he will come back for you but if he dont just move on. life will be better for you. sending hugs

    1. I didn’t realize may nagbabasa pa pala nito. Hehehe

      Thanks, Shirley! Sending you a virtual hug!! 🙂

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