Happy Hour: The Best Hour in Boracay

Just a week ago, I was in Boracay. One of the famous beaches in the Philippines.

My last trip to Boracay was in 2012. It took me 5 years to come back because Boracay lost its charm. It became too mainstream and too many establishments were developed.

But during my recent stay there, I fell in love again with the island. The powdery white sand and blue, clear water are really something to be amazed about. Indeed, the island can still uphold its beauty overtime regardless of all the capital developments.

[Note: Q4 is the best time to visit Boracay. Not many tourists and the water is clear.]

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Anyway, I went there, with a few friends, to attend a wedding. The wedding was just for a day but my friends and I decided to stay for 5 days.

We could have done a lot but the only thing we did was hang by the beach and enjoy the happy hour every single damn day. [Happy hour – specific time where bars or resorts sell drinks at a discounted rate. Happy hour can start as early as 2pm and ends at 8pm]

Yes, we went to Boracay to drink, sleep, eat and REPEAT. Good times indeed!

Here are a few recommended bars to explore especially during happy hour:

Jony’s Beach Resort


Jony’s is the perfect spot to enjoy happy hour whilst waiting for the sunset. They have beach chairs set up, which allow people to enjoy their drink while watching the sunset.

Recommended drink: Mango Mojito (Cost is Php 190. During happy hour, you get to buy 2 for the price of one).

The drink is best paired with their Nachos Grande and/or Quesadilla.

Happy hour starts at 4pm until 8pm.



Sur Resort

This resort has such a relaxing vibe that we ended up hanging out for 12 hours! We were there even before the happy hour began and left long after it was over.

Recommended drink: Mango Zingco and Classic Mojito (Cost is Php 190 each. During happy hour, you get to buy 2 for the price of one).

The drink is best paired with their Quattro Formaggi pizza and/or chicken fingers.

Happy hour starts at 2pm until 8pm.



FRENDZ Hostel and Resort

Make sure to drop by every Wednesday or Sunday night for the FREE Pasta party, followed by a crazy, fun night filled with dancing and music courtesy of their resident DJ.

Beers during happy hour cost Php 50 each. Normal price is at Php 70.

Happy hour starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm daily.

If you’re also looking for an affordable place to stay in Boracay, this is probably one of the best hostels in Boracay. You will get to meet a lot of travelers and the hostel management organizes activities for the guests.



For good eats, you may try the following:

Ti Braz. Boracay’s famous Creperie and French bistro. The burgers are also worth a try!

La Cozina and Don Churro. We went here only for one thing — the CHURROS! It’s worth every bite and penny!

Real Coffee. Good coffee is hard to find in Boracay but Real Coffee’s can satisfy your taste buds. If you are going for breakfast, fruits with yogurt and oats are a MUST try and of course, you woudn’t want to miss their famous calamansi muffin!

One last tip: While waiting for the happy hour, why not take a one hour massage by the beach? Look for the ladies in blue with beach chairs already prepared. The cost is only Php 350 for an hour of good massage! After which, go to the nearest bar and enjoy happy hour!

Not to be a party pooper, but please remember to drink responsibly.

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