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How To Get Yellow Fever Vaccine for FREE

Yes! You read that right! For everyone going to South America and thinking of whether or not to get this vaccine, worry no more as you can get it for free in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Getting it in Brazil will not only save you some money, because it sure costs a lot back home, but also lets you take advantage of free stuff that are rare these days.

For those interested, simply read on the information below:

  1. Locate the nearest public health center in the city you’re in. I got mine in CMS João Barros Barreto publicyellowfevervaccine health center (near Siqueira Campos train station) in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. (Note: vaccines are also available in hospitals but you have to pay US$ 40-45 more or less.)
  2. Don’t waste your time at the information desk and proceed directly to Room 007 (Immunicao). Normally, there’s a queue of patients so you have to wait for your turn but not for a long time.
  3. When it’s your turn, simply tell the doctor “Febra Amarela” and in turn, the doctor will ask a few questions (i.e. is it your first time?, are you traveling somewhere that needs this vaccine?, are you pregnant?, etc.) and fill-up a temporary certificate since this vaccine needs 10 days to activate. (Note: the doctor doesn’t speak much English but I’m sure you’ll understand the context behind his questioning.)
  4. You will be given that shot after everything has been sorted out and you’ll leave the center with that temporary certificate.
  5. You can then exchange the temporary certificate at the airport 10 days after and the Yellow Fever Vaccine has a 10-year validity.

Ain’t that easy? As for the side effects, I didn’t feel anything or got sick after taking it so you’ll be just fine as long as you don’t have any allergies or anything similar.

You may or may not need it, but why even think about it when you’ve got nothing to lose anyway? And it’s one responsible thing you can do when you’re living a life on the road.

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