What’s in a Name?

Sonhadora is not really my real name. My real name is Maria Cecilia Ramos, 34 years old, born and raised in the Philippines.

trekkinginMachuPicchuWith my age, I should already have an established career, a family and planning for my retirement but guess what, I don’t have any of those. And weird as it may sound, I am perfectly at peace with it.

Just recently, I found myself hitting rock bottom yet again. For 3 months, I was consuming more than creating, wasting my time in front of the TV or with anything I can find online. I was clueless about what to do with my life. I thought I had it all figured out already by my oh my, almost always, life can and will surprise you.

So there I was, laying on the couch 25 hours a day, feeling frustrated, demotivated and depressed. Had I gone longer in this phase, I know I would have a hard time getting out of this blackhole that sucked the life out of me. Fortunately, with the help of my friends and a lot of thought processing, I was able to recognize and address the problem. Also, these words helped me heaps: PULL YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

So that’s exactly what I did.

From that moment on, I saw my life as a blank canvass. So I took it as an opportunity to finally create the life that I wanted in my own terms. And that includes taking care of all the responsibilities I neglected when I traveled for 14 months.trekkinginRefugioFrey

The biggest challenge for me was the need to practice PATIENCE. Why? Because I wanted everything to happen NOW. Because I want so bad to get out and travel again but Universe had different plans. I needed to stay put to learn the value of patience and hard work. That if I want things to last, it would take time and no matter how hard I look and analyze, there are really no short cuts.

If you want something so bad, you’ve got to earn it because the life that you want will not be handed to you on a silver platter.

And so here I am now, writing this ABOUT page when I should really be writing a bit of information about myself.

An introvert with a fire sign.

A lot more comfortable with spending time alone or with a few, valued friends than in crowded places.

Acquired a post-graduate degree and as soon as I finished, I quit my day job to travel long-term to South America.

I listen to only 1 or 2 playlists repeatedly and I never get tired of it.

Got my heart broken twice.

One day, someday, I will travel the world and write about my story.

I have this strong sense of helping restore humanity.

I love the ocean more than the mountains, chocolate over vanilla, coffee over tea.

Independent, self-sufficient, minimalist and a sarcastic smart ass.

I don’t like shopping and going to malls.

Got inked, four times.

Nothing can make me go back to the corporate world again.

Those are just a few facts about me. My life is not an open book but once you get to read my blog, you will get to understand my approach in life and why I choose to live a life like this.

Life is hard and complicated but only if you allow it.

Thank you for stopping by and I do hope I get to inspire even just one reader of this blog.

Sending you love from my side of the world.


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