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We are NOT Entitled to Anything and Here’s Why


We all feel entitled and that’s a fact.

We feel entitled to have a raise and recognition at work, to be given a promotion because of all the hard work we put in. We feel entitled to be given special treatment by friends and family. And when we don’t get what we feel is entitled to us, we feel bad. Thinking we deserve all that and more, and that life is unfair.

But let me break it to you darling —


Instead, we all get no less than what we deserve.

Even if you are born into royalty, you still have to work your way up that royal ladder with millions of spectators watching your every move. Before doctors and lawyers reap the benefits of earning hundreds of thousands in a year, they first have to spend a decade in school and start from the bottom.

You cannot expect money to come in while you lay on the couch in front of the TV and do nothing all day. Don’t expect your business to fly without putting much effort into it. You have to do the work and hustle hard.

Why? Because the life that you want will not be handed to you on a silver platter. Because Universe doesn’t give a shit on what you think you are entitled to. What you get is based on the amount of work that you put in.


In my case, for instance, I want to have a comfortable travel lifestyle with no financial obligations haunting me. But before I can live that kind of life, I have to be an employee again just so I can have a stable monthly income while I build online businesses on the side and eventually transition to a full-time entrepreneur.

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And believe me, it ain’t easy to be back and be an employee again. To be answerable to a boss and agree to his methods even if you don’t share the same views. It’s feels like going into prison voluntarily.

Worse, my position has evolved from a social media specialist to an executive assistant and truthfully, it was hard for me to swallow.

Why? Because of pride and entitlement.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t see anything wrong with being an executive assistant. It’s a decent job and I’ve only come to realize that it’s a job not suited for everyone. In fact, to be an executive assistant, you should be capable of working at the same pace that your boss is working. As an executive assistant, you should know how your boss’ mind operates and anticipate his business needs.

Why do I feel entitled then? Because I came from a family of overachievers. I have a post-graduate degree from one of the top graduate schools here in the Philippines and now, I’m taking orders from my boss to book his business trips and vacations, take down minutes during all the meetings, and send out cards to all clients, and everything you can think of. My Google hangouts keep popping up every 30 minutes with an instruction from him and it’s driving me insane.

It’s a pretty screwed up mindset to have and I agree. Where the hell do I get off feeling all entitled and thinking I deserve better? Because having a good education certainly does not justify this kind of mindset and besides, I have the option to quit.

Truth be told, I don’t want to be employed anymore but I have to stick with this one because I have financial obligations. Every single day, it eats me up inside because I feel I should be doing more. Every single damn day, I keep telling myself that this is just temporary and that I need this job to pay the bills.

I know what you’re thinking – why the hell is she telling us to create the life that we want when she herself is stuck in a soul-sucking job? Again, this is a means to an end and this is just temporary. In less than a year, I will be quitting with all my debts paid off and I have transitioned from an employee to a full-time entrepreneur.

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Like each and everyone of you, I am building myself a safety net for the future. I am done winging it. I want to be smarter with my finances and strive for financial independence so I can create the life that I want.

So yes, I feel you right to the core. I know it’s not easy to take that jump and fall into the unknown because reality will, almost always, bite you in the ass. I’ve experienced it firsthand and now that I’m getting a do-over in life, I want to take a smarter approach in creating the life that I want.

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So to hell with entitlement and pride. I am swallowing my pride and getting rid of entitlement so I don’t have to worry about my financial obligations. It’s as easy as that. With this job, I have room to breathe and not feel pressured on earning from my online businesses because I have money coming in.

Hard truth is, there will be times when you have to do the things you don’t want to do so you can, eventually, live the life that you want. Certain sacrifices have to be made, pride to be gone, and ego bruised. It doesn’t make you less of a person and with it comes life lessons that will transform you to the best version of yourself.

Life is simple but it’s never a walk in the park.

So you think you deserve better? There’s a solution for that — start creating the life that you want, the life that you feel you deserve. HUSTLE HARD or GO HOME.