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We All Just Want to Belong


No man’s an island.

Growing up, we all want to fit in. But as we grow older, we no longer want to fit in but to belong.

To belong to a group of individuals where you feel mostly understood, because your level of craziness and thinking is at par with everyone else. Where you don’t have to change because you are accepted to who you really are. Where you just agree to disagree out of mutual respect. Where you spent most of your waking hours and still look forward for more.

Perhaps that’s what’s home to some. A group of people where you can find solace, to keep you sane and insane, and to make you realize that life is good when you get to share your tears and laughter, your weird quirks and insanity with people who are just as crazy as you are.

No matter how introverted or how much you love being alone, in the end, we all just want to belong.

Cheers to a crazy, beautiful life! Thank you for stopping by.