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Turning My Dreams into Reality with One for Humanity


Ever since 2015, when I quit my job and traveled to the other side of the world, my life made no sense until now. You see back then, I was living an awesome and carefree life, meeting new people, fell in love, and created memories that would last a lifetime.

I could have continued that kind of lifestyle until reality hit me and taught me one of life’s greatest lessons.

Traveling will always be, and still is, a passion of mine — my one and only vice. Expensive, yes, but totally worth every penny spent.

Anyway, because I was doing volunteer work whilst traveling, an opportunity presented itself. When I was in Ayacucho, Peru, I volunteered with a family who makes handcrafted bags, home decor, belts, accessories, and more to support their basic needs as well as help the community around them.

This family is the epitome of having less so you can have more, of compassion and generosity. The time I spent with this family is enough to make me realize how one person can help. And at that moment, I promised myself that I will help this family no matter what.

And that is how One for Humanity was conceptualized 3 years ago.

It took me 3 years but heck, it was worth the wait. Perhaps I needed the time to learn everything I can about starting this kind of business, or maybe, it’s all about timing.

All of us have business ideas waiting to materialize. And I believe my time has come.

It has always been a dream to start a social enterprise. A business that would impact a community by providing sustainable opportunities. And One for Humanity (OFH) is exactly the kind of social enterprise that would allow me to achieve this.

Our vision:

A brand built on integrity, providing handcrafted, one of a kind, and high quality products and quality of living.

A brand that transcends people to be compassionate, optimistic and generous.

A brand that nurtures artistic skills, brilliant minds and empathetic hearts to effect change, spark hope and touch people’s lives.

This is something I’m truly proud of and everything came into full circle with this. My passion for travel, my professional background in merchandising and marketing, and seeing what the world needs and how I can contribute — all these encompasses what One for Humanity is all about.

We’re still on pre-launching stage but I am too excited to share this with each and everyone of you! For the past months, I have used most of my time building One for Humanity. From planning to execution, to taking calculated risks, everything is well-thought-out.

I am taking a careful approach and I’m in no rush to make this into an overnight success because I believe that great things take time.

I am Sonhadora. I make things happen and turn dreams into reality.

If you are curious to know what OFH has to offer, here’s the link. Feel free to sign up to get the latest updates and special offers! And if it’s not too much to ask, let me know what you think! Your opinion is highly appreciated and I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for stopping by! Sending you love from my side of the world. Cheers!