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Why You Should Travel with a Purpose


Landing a volunteering gig while traveling long-term is relatively easy. You just need to do the following:

  • search for a platform (i.e. Workaway)
  • create your profile
  • register and pay for the necessary fees

There are thousands of volunteer work available online, you just have to choose carefully taking into consideration the location and type of work. Otherwise, you’d be on a miserable ride for at least 2 weeks. Don’t forget that doing volunteer work requires commitment – a minimum of 2 weeks – and you shouldn’t be working more than 25 hours a week.

So, how do I choose volunteer works? Here’s how I do it —

Once I’ve decided where I’m heading next and how long I’ll be staying, I search Workaway for possible hosts. Workaway is the platform I’ve been using ever since I started traveling in South America.

What kind of volunteer work do I normally search for? Initially, hostel works seem to be a good way to start since there are thousands of hostel work available. But hostel work would normally require cleaning beds and bathrooms and frankly speaking, I am not into that.

Don’t get me wrong, I spent 7 weeks in a hostel doing exactly that, and after, I decided it’s just not for me and I know that there’s more to volunteering than cleaning and making beds.

Nowadays, I look for volunteer works that would give value to my time; works such as teaching English to local kids and families, NGO assignment, and eco projects. These volunteer works enable me to have deeper understanding and appreciation of the local culture and make complete sense of what I am doing.

I didn’t go halfway across the globe just to get passport stamps and take thousands of pictures, which would only end up in my hard drive anyway. We all have our own reasons why we travel, and I respect that; mine just happens to be creating stories behind my passport stamps, which go beyond the snapshots.

There are a lot of opportunities when you decide to do volunteer work but always keep an open mind and positive attitude because volunteer work will push you beyond limits but in return, you’ll gain a valuable experience, good friends, and another worldly perspective.