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Things that are Meant for You


Won’t pass you by.

No resistance involved.

Effortless and fast.

No chasing or fighting for it.

When things are meant for you, they will stop right in front of you with a sign saying – “I’m yours, take me”.

But if not, you’d feel the resistance. You’d feel the need to fight hard for it, the need to chase it. Too much effort done just to get it.

Granted that there are some things where you really need to work hard to get. Things like success, fame, fortune and legacy take time, patience, hard work and determination to attain.

But for simple things like getting the job that is aligned with your goals, meeting the right people and building relationships that will help you grow… you’d just feel it’s meant for you when everything starts to align because Universe is always conspiring.

So set your intentions right, and keep an open mind. Embrace your fear of uncertainty and see how things and events start to unfold and fall into place right before your eyes.

Sending you love from my side of the world! Cheers!