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The Heart Knows the Way

I used to be a logical person and even my friends would agree.

But then, over the years, there was a sudden shift. My heart is now taking lead when it comes to decision making.

Perhaps it was when I started traveling and immersing myself to local cultures and getting to know the world a bit better. Or perhaps it was brought about by life experiences that opened my heart and mind.

Whatever the reason is, I am embracing it.

It is hard to silence the mind but when the heart is involved, it is much harder. Hearts can be very stubborn, don’t you get it by now?

And as the famous song goes — all we need is love.

So tell me, can you ever love with your mind? Don’t think so.

Clear your mind and listen to your heart, it knows what you desire most.

Sending you love from my side of the world! Cheers!