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The Greatest Life Lesson Traveling Taught Me


7th of February 2018, I left Philippines with no return ticket, planned on traveling long-term with no end date in mind.

But after 3 months, I found myself in an airport, on my way back home.

Was it due to lack of finances? No.

Did I get tired of traveling? Perhaps.

Within those 3 months, a lot of realizations came pouring in. And the greatest life lesson traveling taught me was something I didn’t see coming —

I can’t be Peter Pan forever. It’s time to grow up.

Having this kind of lifestyle seemed like the ideal lifestyle for some. It is a privilege that only a handful of people get to experience.

You see, having too much freedom to roam around the world, having little to no responsibilities to think about, and living by the moment equate to a perfect life.

At a certain extent it is, but again, everything is a matter of perspective. We see things from different vantage points.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed every moment of all my travels. Traveling opened my mind and heart to endless possibilities, taught me how everything is possible if you dared enough to live and not merely exist, and transformed me to my best version yet.

But I believe I already reached the point where I want to establish roots in a place I can call home.

A place where I wouldn’t want to constantly move around or run away from. It may or may not be in the Philippines. Wherever that is, I have yet to figure out.

All I know is, I’m in that point of my life where I want certainty and permanence. I want a life with a balance of stability and adventure.

Maybe it has something to do with my age or perhaps just a change in preference. But deep down I know that I am ready to retire my backpack and trade it for a luggage. To trade this backpacking lifestyle to a more relaxed travel lifestyle. To commit to staying in one place and start a crazy, beautiful life.

And to see travel not as a way of life, but a way of creating wonderful moments apart from my already perfect life. Like a cherry on top of a dark chocolate mint sundae.

It was liberating to come to this realization and no resistance came with accepting it. When it was time to head home, I was excited. Because finally, my life is starting to make sense.

No more running away. No more fear of missing out.

I already know that I have what it takes to create the life that I want for myself. I may not be rich (or stable) but I have what most people don’t — COURAGE.

Courage to fail, to chase dreams, to never give up and to keep going.

What’s next for Sonhadora? She’s currently planning her next big move to a place where she has high hopes of making her home. And to know where it is, stay tuned!

Sending you love from Manila! Thank you for stopping by.