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Why Spirituality is a Personal Choice


During a spiritual session at the office, we were asked a question “where do you think you’ll go when you die?”

My initial reaction was – “how the heck do I answer that question? Is it a multiple choice type of question?”

You see, people have different values and beliefs especially when it comes to Religion and to force everyone to believe what you believe in is just plain selfish. Spiritual sessions should be a neutral ground in respect to varying beliefs and Religion.

Spirituality is not a one-way street.

More than anything, spirituality teaches the importance of establishing a personal relationship with the God that you believe in. In this regard, being spiritual and being religious are two different things. I, myself, am spiritual but I’m not religious.

I was born Catholic, attended Catholic schools from preparatory until grad school and still, I don’t fully believe in the traditions that Catholic teachings have taught me. It was through experience that I developed an intimate relationship with God, through experience, I gained wisdom.

8 years ago, I hit rock bottom and as much as I want to turn my situation around, it was completely out of my hands and there was really nothing I can do but to let things go and let God take over.

In reality, you can’t force a person to believe in your God and follow his way. It is through experience that people either find or completely distrust Him. And you don’t get to predict where you’ll go when you die because what’s important is how you lived your life based on your own values and beliefs, rooted from your personal relationship with God.

Date written: August 14, 2014