The Life that You Want: How Badly Do You Want It?

Universe is always conspiring. Life is good. Question is, how badly do you want it?

I just got back from a beach trip with one of my closest friends. In November, I’ll be attending a beach wedding in Boracay, followed by a 10-day trip to Seoul, South Korea. And just yesterday, I booked a flight to Hong Kong to celebrate New Year’s with my family.

While I was updating my expense tracking spreadsheet, I realized that I have more money now in my bank account than I can remember. And by the end of the year, 65% of my debts have already been paid.

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At the start of this year, I was struggling financially and emotionally. I could barely make ends meet. But now, I am amazed at how things are turning out. My life is unfolding right before my eyes and I know that the best is yet to come.

Let me be clear — I didn’t win the lottery nor am I being financially supported by my family. It’s all me.

How did I do it?

  1. I kept the online job, despite wanting to leave every day, to help ease financial stress.
  2. My online business, Humanitee, is also earning a bit of money, which I use for my travels.
  3. I track all my expenses and I live way below my means. I rarely eat out and go shopping. My only splurge is going out of town and wine night with friends. And thankfully, I am an introvert right to the core so alone time does not bother me, which means I don’t go out often, thus, minimizing my spending.
  4. And because I have money coming in, I have breathing room to market my online business and start this blog. My side hustles, which hopefully will turn into full-time income generating businesses.

It was approximately 7 months ago when I hit rock bottom. I didn’t have a job, in a rut with my finances and the emotional and financial stress were too much. I went into depression mode for a few weeks, feeling completely lost and jaded.

Now, I can’t help but smile because it’s true when they say, “Universe always provides”. When I realized the problem and wanted so bad to turn my life around, I pulled my shit together. I took it as a challenge to create the life that I want from scratch.

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Of course, just like anyone else, I looked hard for short cuts and an easy way out. But guess what? I didn’t find any. Universe cornered me against a wall and there was absolutely no way for me to hide or run away.

I endured all of it. Took it one day at a time, created an action plan and worked hard on achieving my goals. Yes, I have plans and goals now because I am done winging it. Too much YOLO can put you off-balance.

I needed to create a structure in my life to keep me on the right path of creating the life that I want. It ain’t easy, I tell you, but I kept an open mind to help me move forward. I threw pride out the window and accepted that it was my life choices that brought me to this situation.

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I know that there’s a lot of hard work and growing up to do before Universe gives me the life that I want. And I’m no longer in a rush knowing that great things take time.

In just a span of 7 months, I have grown a lot. From being broke, lost and jaded, I am now close to being financially stable, I still got to do something I really love — travel to several destinations, and I am working harder than ever to create the life that I want.

I became more appreciative of what I have despite not having much. I became more grateful, even for the life challenges, because it transformed me to another version of myself — my best version yet, I may add. And I am more excited about life because no matter what, I know Universe always got my back.

Every day, I am envisioning the life that I want for myself. Heck, I’m even done planning my 2018 travels and I cannot contain my excitement! I would love to share it with you but I don’t want to jinx it. [Hahaha] And that is more than enough motivation for me to work hard and turn this crazy dream into reality.

I am Sonhadora and I make things happen.

So tell me, are you envisioning the life that you want for yourself? How badly do you want it? Share your story!