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Creating a Healthy Work Environment


Another long workweek has ended but in a sweet way as the team who participated in the business review went out and enjoyed dinner together. Looking around our table, I just can’t help but smile to myself as I realized how lucky I am to be part of this amazing and talented group of people.

We may not always agree on things but at the end of the day, we all get along and help each other grow.

Oftentimes, people are too busy complaining about work that they fail to experience the opportunities that are right in front of them. So rather than complain, simply take each day as a learning experience not just about work but also, about yourself and cherish relationships built at the workplace as some may even last a lifetime.

People you meet at work – difficult, inspiring, and intellectually stimulating – carry a purpose that’s meant to teach you something about yourself.

Difficult people teach you patience and understanding.

Inspiring colleagues give positive energy that would make you look forward to each working day and be excited to learn something new.

And intellectually stimulating mentors help you grow and develop personally and professionally.

Whatever part you decide to play in your own workplace, always bear in mind the effect you’ll have to those around you. Make a conscious effort to simply co-exist and create a healthy working environment.

Date written: August 15, 2014