2017 Year in Review: My Best Worst Year To Date

2017. You have outdone yourself. You have reached your quota way beyond 100%.

To say that this year has been challenging is an understatement.

This year, you broke my heart 3 times. I didn’t know it was possible but you did.

First, the one whom I thought was the love of my life decided to call it quits, packed his bag and left without so much as a glance back.

Second, a really good friend of mine was diagnosed with an incurable illness.

Third, one of my closest friends died unexpectedly.

You broke my heart 3 times, and my question is — did I really deserve that?

Thinking about all these brings tears to my eyes. I still can’t believe it all happened in just under a year.

Back in 2016, I was optimistic that this year was going to be helluva lot better. But I was wrong, dead wrong.

I’m not even going to throw in that I was broke, unemployed and completely clueless with my life. Because I did that to myself; it was all on me.

To make matters worst, I’ve never felt more alone and isolated in my life. I’ve been itching to go out and travel long-term again, to somehow reconnect with other travelers, but due to lack of resources, obviously, I can’t.

But despite all that, you managed to balance it out.

You gave me what I needed just when I need it the most. If not for those people and opportunities that made life this year bearable, I wouldn’t have survived this year.

I saw the light towards financial stability and I was able to travel short-term again despite being broke.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. So rather than stressing about situations that I have absolutely no control over, I just let Universe work its magic. I had to relinquish all control because at the end of the day, it’s not up to me.

I saw how my life was falling apart right before my eyes. But rather than prevent it, I let it go down to ashes so I can start building my life from scratch.

Perhaps change has to happen so I can finally live the best life possible. Or that my old life doesn’t seem to make any sense anymore, thus, the need for a new life.

I don’t have all the answers; I know nothing. And truth be told, I am still figuring things out one day at a time.

All I know is — Universe is always conspiring, and Universe got my back. That much is true.

There are still 10 days to go before 2017 comes to an end [officially]. A lot can happen in those 10 days. Another mishap could catch me off guard yet again but I know that whatever happens, I am ready for it.

Indeed, 2017 was my best worst year to date. And here’s why —

Because it was this year that I finally came to realize who I really am and what I want to do with my life. After 34 years of existence, it is only now that I have found my purpose in life.

More than that, it was also this year that I started loving and focusing on myself more. I prioritized my needs and took baby steps to creating the life that I truly want. I have plans and goals, dreams and ambitions with every intention, and conviction, of turning these into reality.

It is true when they say that when things are falling apart, things may actually be falling into place.

So, to you 2017, I have nothing but gratitude for all the pain and learnings that you have taught me. Because of you, I will be welcoming 2018 with the new me — a wiser, more compassionate, and stronger version of myself.

I still have high hopes for the year to come but regardless of what Universe throws at me, I am confident in making 2018 my absolute best year ever.

Cheers to a year full of ups and downs, highs and lows, good times and bad times. And here’s to hoping for better days and better year ahead.
While we’re at it, let’s all start living a crazy, beautiful life, shall we?

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